brave raptors!


club oranje raptors is a soccer club dedicated to developing well rounded players who love the game simply for the joy of playing.


Youth soccer shouldn't be about cones, screaming coaches and standing in lines doing drills. It's about an opportunity to have fun playing the game and not be worried about the outcome. It's about the reward of hard work and reaching a goal. It's about learning to be a dependable teammate and part of a something bigger than just one player. Playing for the Oranje Raptors is that type of soccer experience.

Our players are grounded in the fundamentals of individual skill, team possession and organized defense. They are active on the field, aware of their surroundings and alert to opportunities. They are calm when receiving the ball, quick to make a decision and confident in their actions. They understand that if they stick to our principles, scoring goals and winning games will take care of itself.

​- Jason Haskins
Club Oranje Raptors Soccer
​Founder and Director of Coaching

Our Principles

Club Oranje Raptors Soccer

Learning and Improving At Every Practice and Every Game
This is a marathon, not a sprint.  Only through deliberate and focused effort will each Raptor improve.  All we want for our players is that that their next game is better than their last.      


Tactical Awareness and Flexibility
It's not only about how to play the game but why we play a certain way and a commitment to playing Raptor soccer. 

Balancing Player Development with Winning Games  

Nothing is more important than developing each individual player to bring out their unique strengths.  We play to win, but never at the expense of the higher goal of developing the best Raptor soccer players possible.  

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